Having the proper tools can surely make any project easier. Jewelry making is no different. If you want to get into the hobby of making your own jewelry from scratch, you’ll need these six essential tools to get you started.
They will be a great investment as you’ll be definitely still use them even when you graduate into making more complex pieces.

  1. Wire cutters

Of course, a wire cutter’s main purpose is to cut wires but it can also be used to cut headpins and eye pins. It is one, if not, the most used tool in your jewelry toolbox. You’ll find that you’ll need wire cutters in almost every one of your projects. Thus, it is a smart investment to buy one of great quality. One thing to remember when getting your first wire cutter is to test how it fits in your hand. You should choose a cutter that you can comfortably grip in one hand.

  1. Chain Nose Pliers

Chain nose pliers are a variety of pliers with its inside jaws edged flat. Their primary use is for opening and closing jump rings. They can also be used to grip wire using its flat edge. Because of their jaws which taper towards the tip, chain nose pliers are efficient for reaching small and narrow spaces.

When purchasing your first chain nose pliers. remember to look for ones without ridges so as not to leave marks on your wires.

  1. Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers got their name from its cone-shaped jaws. These jaws allow for versatility in loop-making. You can also make eye pins and jump rings with this plier.

  1. Crimping Pliers

This next tool is used for securing clasps at the end of beading wires Crimping pliers are comprised of two notches one of which, the nearest to the handles, is used for flattening the crimp bead onto wires.

Crimping pliers may be replaced by chain nose pliers but you’ll have to sacrifice rounded crimping results.

  1. Nylon Nose pliers

Nylon nose pliers protect wires from damage with their plastic jaws (as opposed to the metal jaws of the other pliers). They are also used for straightening wires. One downside of using these type of pliers is their large size which makes them unsuitable for fine and delicate work.

  1. Flat Nose Pliers

These last ones aren’t as essential as others but it still has its own advantages in jewelry making Flat nose pliers are like chain nose pliers with the difference that the former’s jaws don’t taper towards the tip. This enables them to bend and grip wires better because of a wider surface. They are useful for holding and shaping wire at the same time.

      When looking to buy your first flat nose pliers remember to look for one with a smoothed out inside to avoid scratching your wire.

You can find these tools in your local craft stores or hardware stores. You can also buy them online but be careful of checking for quality and dimensions. Some stores also offer them as sets at great discounts.

Now that you know the basic tools you’ll need to get started on your jewelry making journey, it’s time to go invest in good quality tools and start learning to use them to turn your designs into actual jewelry.