Who says only kids can have fun getting into the Halloween spirit? Complete your costume or take advantage of the occasion by making these spooky and cool DIY Halloween jewelry.

  1. Halloween pins

Pins are a great way to show your love for the season without looking juvenile. You can wear them with your graphic tees or decorate your bags with them. They also work well as party favors if you’re planning to throw a Halloween party.

With just a few tools such as plastic skull rings, steel pin backs and a glue gun, you can create these spooky bad boys in just a few minutes. You can go for other designs as well. You can even mold your own pumpkins or gravestones out of clay. This variety will make them more appealing if you plan on selling them.

  1. ‘Spider-web’ earrings

These earrings will be a great addition to your Halloween look or costume. All you’ll need are some metallic papers, earing wires and a bunch of o-rings. You also better bust out your pliers because you’ll be needing them. If you have the money to invest on a web-shaped puncher, there are plenty available online. But you can easily cut out spider web shapes by hand with your scissors. To make sure that your earrings will be even, you can print out designs you can get from the Internet.

  1. ‘Metallic’ insect hair clips

This next one is a fun way to show your love for Halloween. Go get yourself some discounted bug or insect plastic toys from your nearby dollar store. Spray paint them with a metallic color. Hot glue them onto thick hair pins. And voila! You have these interesting and quirky insect hair clips which will surely be great conversation-starters. They can also complete any spooky costume you’re thinking of wearing for Halloween.

  1. Metal wire spiders

To match your web earrings, you can make metal wire spiders for decoration or as pendants for your chain necklace.

To make this, you’ll need some gauge wire in the size of 24 or 26, broach pins, some wire cutters and a straight-nosed plier.  You’ll use the wire to form the spider’s body and eight legs. You’ll do some serious twisting and forming and cutting with the wires to end up with spider wires so make sure to polish up on your wire shaping skills.

  1. Clay ghost pendants

Clay ghost pendants are a cute and simple way to customize your chain necklace or bracelet to reflect the upcoming Halloween. All you’ll need are some air dry white clay, black permanent marker and a needle. To make it you’ll first need to mold your ghost shape onto the white clay. Next, wait for it to dry. This may take two or more days depending on the brand you used. Remember to cut a hole for the necklace string. When the clay ghost is dry and hard, draw on the ghost’s face.

  1. Bat earring from old CDs

Put your old and outdated CDs into good use by turning them into shiny bat earrings. You’ll need some earring hooks, earwigs and some round tips and of course some old CDs.

  1. Terrarium globe rings

We saved the best one last. Give snow globes a new twist and adapt them to the Halloween season by creating small spooky ‘terrarium’ globe rings. Some of the things you’ll need are a large clear glass globe (33mm diameter) and a plain bronze ring (25mm opening). Then you can put in whatever set up you like. You can cut out haunted house shapes or mini gravestones to put inside the globe. And to stay true to the terrarium theme, you can buy small plastic insects to design it with.

Get hyped and ready for Halloween with these fun and spooky DIY jewelry.