Knowing how to repair broken jewelry is a handy and useful skill to have. Jewelry can easily get tangled or rusted up when kept together in a box for so long. Revamp your broken or lackluster pieces through these simple and easy jewelry repairs and touch ups. No need to take them to a professional cleaner or repairman. Save those bucks for more important things…like new jewelry.

  1. Cleaning

Constantly wearing pieces make them more prone to waste build up from the lotion, makeup and other dirt that it comes contact with. These dirt can make your jewelry lose shine and look lackluster as they block the light from bouncing. Some people recommend cleaning your jewelry, especially the ones you regularly wear, at least once a week. You can purchase cleaning solutions or you can make your own. Just keep in mind that different materials have different corresponding reaction to chemicals. Your cleaner for diamonds might not be suitable for your gold or mixed metal pieces.

  1. Replace a broken clasp

Broken clasps are very common on necklaces which see regular use. Good thing though that they are easily replaceable. You should first buy new replacement clasps similar in shape and size with your broken one to ensure that your necklace will fit and feel the same way. It is also recommended that you buy a lot of clasps for future use. Now all you have to do is remove the old clasp with pliers and attach the new ones onto the jump rings. You can find many instructional videos online to properly guide do this task.

  1. Setting knotted chains loose 

Skinny chains such as seen in necklaces can knot up easily especially if they are loosely kept together inside a jewelry box. To unknot these chains, all you’ll need are two straight sewing pins and some patience. Start by laying the knotted chain down and putting a pin through a knotted link and try to grab a hold of it. Once the knot is a little bit lose around the first sewing pin, put the other one through the knot on the opposite side. Wiggle them free of the knot. You might also need some baby oil for tighter knots.

But to ultimately avoid your necklaces from knotting in the first place, hang them on a jewelry stand instead of bunching them up together inside a jewelry box. This tip also applies to bracelets.

  1. Resize or reshape a ring 

Two of the most common problems with rings is that they can get too small for your fingers (Hey, it’s perfectly normal to pack on the pounds over time.) or they can get disfigured through wrong storage. You can both do resizing and reshaping but remember that you’ll probably want professional help with your more expensive rings. You don’t want to risk damaging rings with precious stones beyond repair.

But you can easily reshape and resize simple ring bands on your own with some tools and practice. To perform either, you’ll need a metal ring mandrel and a leather mallet.

Revive lackluster or broken jewelry with these simple and doable repairs. All you’ll need are a few extra materials, tools and lots of meticulous patience. No need to retire your favorite jewelry or pay extra for a jewelry cleaner for something you can do fine by yourself.

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