Piaget. Cartier. Bulgari. Everyone has surely heard of and know these famous jewelry designer brands due to the craftsmanship and luxury of the pieces they sell. But they are not the topic of this article. The designer jewelry to be discussed are those made by independent jewelry designers.
There are a lot perks in buying jewelry from big chain stores. It’s convenient and affordable (unless their brand name designer jewelry). However, their mass production leaves them somewhat soulless. They’re just one of the many created to be sold to multitudes of people. Wearing them might not feel special when you can many other people wearing the same piece.

If you want jewelry that’s more unique and special, you can turn to buying pieces from independent jewelry designers.

The most cited reason that people patronize the products of independent jewelry designers is because they believe that these jewelry are art they can wear. And some of them truly are. Browsing through online shops of independent designers or their tables at jewelry conventions, one can definitely find pieces which jump out to them or pulls out a feeling out of them.

They are also one of a kind in the sense that not many of the same design is produced. You can finally go out and not see your necklace on the necks of five other girls. There is also the fact that each piece can have its own story of how it came to be making it feel a little bit more special.

Another perk is that despite the amount of artistry and technique that can go into making these designer jewelry, they are not as unreasonably expensive as mainstream designer jewelry. You can have a whole set of uniquely designed pieces for the price of one luxury jewelry piece. Great art does not have to break the bank.

Contrary to what some people believe, jewelry designed by independent designers are stylish. You can definitely find a stylish piece that is also very durable making it wearable for years to come. You just have to find a designer whose work you like. A quick online search can yield helpful results and can lead you to online shops from which you can scout your next jewelry collection. If you’re looking for wedding rings, you can check out the designs from Bario Neal and Lauren Wolf. If gold jewelry is your thing, there’s Young Frankk. Meanwhile Leigh Miller’s designs will be perfect for those going for the cool and bold look.
Most jewelry designers can easily adapt with trends as well. So, if keeping up with the ties is one of your concerns, they’ll have that covered for you. For jewelry pieces that can make your Instagram posts get more likes, check out Anita Ko, who is known for diamonds fashioned in leaf, flower and animal motifs. You should also look for Jackie Aiche’s designs which comprise of bohemian staples like body chains, finger bracelets and gem stones.

Buying from independent designers can give you great quality jewelry. Most, if not all, jewelry designers take their craft very seriously and wouldn’t sell out subpar pieces that didn’t pass their standards. And with a more open communication line to the seller, you can inquire about the types of materials used in the pieces that you are purchasing.

Last, but not the least, you’ll be supporting small businesses and probably making a dream possible when you buy from independent jewelry designers. Making a living through creating art is not something that everyone can make possible.

Patronizing independent jewelry designers has plenty of perks. You can get quality, unique but affordable pieces while supporting small artists make a living. A win-win on both sides.